Assistance Dog/Animal Assisted Therapy/Therapy Dog

“Empowering people with a disability to train their own Assistance Dog”

“Dogs provide comfort, affection, and love without judgement to children and adults; especially through the most challenging time of a persons life”

HPSDT will provide you with the necessary information and training, encouragement and support at every step through your training journey to certification in one of the following areas:

Assistance dogs are trained to alleviate the effects of a person’s disabilities through performing tasks that directly relate to the person’s needs, this results in the person achieving more independence and confidence. You and your mate will work together as a team and developed an everlasting bond through this training journey.

Animal Assisted Therapy is carried out by Counsellors, Allied Health Practitioners and Psychiatrists who use animal interactions with clients to assist in their recovery. The options of incorporating dogs in the goal setting process are extensive.

Therapy Dog, provide opportunities to enhance people’s quality of life in a variety of settings.

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