Our Teams In Training

Ralph is a wire hair Jack Russell/Cavalier who is close to 2 years old. Ralph has been working with HPSDT since July 2020 and has recently earnt his ‘Training Jacket’.
This is little Zara, she is a 12-month-old Poodle and will be working as an Animal Assisted Therapy dog along side her owner Jayne who is a Physiotherapist.
Zara may only be small, but she has a big role to play in assisting NDIS participants reaching their therapy goals, as well as providing support and encouragement. Zara has a beautiful calm nature and just loves to be around people, fussed over with lots of pats and she is a great listener.
Zara is still working through her training program and I will keep you updated on her progress and accomplishments.

Claire is the owner of the very cute Miss Chanel, who is a 2-year-old King Charles Cavalier; she is a very sociable young lady who loves meeting new people and receiving attention in the way of conversions and pats. I would call her the social butterfly around the office. Chanel is training to become and animal assisted activity dog (Therapy Dog) and as you can see from this photo, she really looks the part, proudly displaying her Therapy Dog bandana she received this morning. Chanel goes to work with Claire visiting clients and offers them comfort, support and affection.

Coming soon – Katrina and Murphy

Coming soonAryanna and Bo

Coming Soon – Katrina and Shamos

Coming soon – Amelia and Dot